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Taisho Electronics Company is a professional LED lighting sales company established in the capital city of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada.  Our Company is primarily engaged in the importing and exporting, wholesale and retail sales, of the finest LED lighting products available worldwide.

We at Taisho Electronics rely on our powerful, technically advanced, top quality suppliers and partners based in China’s Guangdong province.  The three cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhongshan have amazing production capacity and the advanced technological ability to deliver our products with the highest quality at the most affordable price possible.

Our first class, comprehensive lines of premier LED products are imported into Canada and primarily available for wholesale.  Taisho Electronics’ supply partners have a huge line of quality LED products, including; outdoor lighting, multi-functional flashlights, headlamps, work lights, advertising strips, string lights, neon strip lights, festive and Christmas lighting, bicycle lights, lawn lamps, Bluetooth speakers, study lamps, and art furnishings.  As part of our commitment to energy savings and convenience, we have specially developed many of our products with solar charging capabilities.

We have established a wide range of cooperative partnerships with Chinese LED production and management enterprises. Taisho Electronics Company strives to closely link the Chinese and Canadian markets through trade ties and become promoters of; energy savings, solar innovation, and lighting up your colorful life.

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